How Counselors Can Get More Clients

October 2, 2022

Are you feeling frustrated because you’d like to get more clients? Are you waiting for the phone to ring or constantly checking your emails to see if you’ve had any contact from your online directory listing?  Perhaps you’re anxiously checking the number of clicks on your listing or your website, hoping that soon you’ll receive an inquiry.

Advertising in an online directory is often one of the first things you’ll consider doing to attract clients.  It can be a cheap way to get started, especially if it is a free directory. 

It’s always useful to have a way for clients to find you if they’re looking for a therapist.  However, relying on directories and websites is a very passive marketing strategy and this blog is about being more active.

When you’re waiting for clients to look us up in an online directory, or find you via a Google search, you’re only working with those people who know that they want a counselor.

What about all those people who want help but don’t know that counseling can help them?

People may think:

  • you have to have a serious mental health problems before you can see a counselor
  •  that the only way to see a therapist is via a doctor and the health service
  • that their problem is something that counselors don’t deal with and they need to find another type of therapist to help them

 It’s important to say at this point that the need for counseling is not something that we’re generating.  The need for counseling already exists.  It exists as a result of the pain and suffering that people experience in life.


The key to generating clients is visibility.

It’s about getting in front of as many people as possible, as consistently as possible, so that people remember you and are able to get in touch with you.

Here are just a few ideas to raise your business profile:

  • Have a good looking website
  • Create a Google My Business Profile
  • Have a professional profile on Instagram/Tiktok
  • Create videos to share on your social media
  • Write articles that you can publish on your website
  • Do Google/Facebook Ads

This list may feel overwhelming.  Where do you start, for example, in creating a social media profile, a blog, a video, a website?

There’s lots of free information out there about how to get started.  However, I can help you shortcut the process with a FREE Consultation.

  • I can help you identify your niche so that you can focus your efforts in the right area and speak to the people who really need you
  • I’ll help you establish an online presence in a way to attract more clients
  • I work with you to identify the marketing strategy that really suits you as an individual
  • I’ll hold you accountable so that you’ll get things done.

I help counselors get more clients online.  If that’s something you’re interested in, please get in touch.

Call me at 616-600-0643 to schedule a free consultation with me.

Janko Jankovic
CEO of J Curve Advertising, LLC

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